We specialize in cases or matters in agrarian reform and environment and natural resources.

Our strength lies in being able to provide a combination of legal and technical services required by a particular case, project or undertaking, as well as familiarity with the laws, systems, procedures and key officials from the local and national levels of the principal agencies responsible for these sectors, namely: the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

Our members possess comprehensive knowledge and keen grasp of the legal, policy and institutional framework in agrarian reform and environment and natural resources in the Philippines (viz.: basic laws and implementing regulations, policy issues and directions, organizational structure and procedures).

We can ably handle not just cases or controversies but also undertake policy formulation and analysis, project preparation, development/ management/ operational planning, project monitoring and audit related to AR/ ENR.

Our firm renders other legal services to include:

  • Handling cases or matters before judicial, quasi-judicial and administrative bodies in other fields of law, such as: civil law (e.g., marriage annulments), criminal law (prosecution/ defense), corporate and business law (e.g. incorporation, permits and licensing, BOI registration, etc.), immigration law (e.g. acquisition of dual citizenship, etc.),
  • Appellate practice before the Office of the President/ Court of Appeals / Supreme Court,
  • Legal counseling through oral and written opinions,
  • Preparation or review of contracts, deeds and other instruments,
  • Representations and advice in conferences and negotiations, and
  • Legal due diligence.

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