Foreword (Excerpts)

“The evolution of institutional theory serves as an important backdrop to this handbook entitled “Agrarian Law and Jurisprudence.” We are faced with numerous challenges to the effective and efficient implementation of agrarian reform in the Philippines, and it is best that we go back to the fundamental law from which the entire program derives: RA 6657, or the CARL.
The importance and significance of this handbook goes much further though. Professor Froilan Bacuñgan of the Study Team, and Assistant Secretary Fred Peñaflor of our Policy, Planning and Legal Affairs Office have worked together to bring us a book that challenges some of the misconceptions in the popular interpretation of law. The issue of retention limits, the time frame prior to the sale of awarded lands, and the ticklish issue of “mother” or joint titles are discussed thoroughly, with new insights based upon the over 10-year experience in implementing the law.”

Department of Agrarian Reform

Contents: Coverage of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program; Agricultural Leasehold; Land Acquisition; Just Compensation; Land Redistribution; Adjudication of Agrarian Reform Matters; Land Use Conversion; Prohibited Acts and Omissions (212 pp., 2000 ed.)

Project Team: Froilan M. Bacungan & Associates – Froilan M. Bacuñgan, F. Albert C. Bacuñgan, Dick B. Perez. DAR-PPLAO – Wilfredo M. Peñaflor, Josephus A. Baterna, Paz J. Benavidez II, Heidi P. Cruz, Raquel Rosario M. Cunanan, Lorena Q. Libunao, Francis Carlo D. Taparan.

Foreword (Excerpts, 1st edition)

 “This Manual was prepared … to familiarize law enforcers with the laws and regulations on illegal logging.  xxx. As DENR intensifies its anti-illegal logging campaign, forestry operatives need to be well-versed on the substantive and procedural laws on illegal logging so that cases can be successfully prosecuted. This is in line with our present policy not only to seize and confiscate illegal forest products but to vigorously prosecute violations of forestry laws as well.

This Manual is intended to address such need. For the first time, a comprehensive treatment of the laws and regulations on illegal logging, incorporating relevant judicial decisions, has been presented. The purpose is to provide a quick yet full grasp of illegal logging laws and regulations. Forest officers of the DENR and other law enforcement officials of the government such as prosecutors, judges, local officials, police or military officers will find this Manual highly useful as we pursue the crusade to save a vital part of our national patrimony.”

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Contents: The Law on Illegal Logging; Authority and Legal Documents Required to Cut, Gather and Transport Timber and Other Forest Products; Arrest, Seizure and Confiscation; Disposition of Confiscated Forest Products and Conveyances; Prosecution of Illegal Logging Offenses; Remedies Against Replevin (148 pp., 1994/ 1997 ed)

Authors: Wilfredo M. Peñaflor and Dick B. Perez

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