Environment & Natural Resources

ENR cases or matters encompass forestry, lands, mining, and environment. They include:


  • Acquisition of possessory, development and utilization rights in forestlands through industrial forest management agreement (IFMA), community-based forest management agreement (CBFMA), and other tenurial instruments,
  • Special forest landuse agreement (FLAg), e.g., for commercial, industrial, eco-tourism use, etc.,
  • Forest land grazing management agreement (FLGMA),
  • Agroforestry joint venture agreement (Af-JVA),
  • Sustainable use of protected areas,
  • Permits or authorities for the cutting or harvesting of timber and other forest products,
  • Violation of laws on the cutting, transport and possession of timber and other forest products.


  • Titling and registration of alienable & disposable (A & D)  lands through judicial patent, free patent, homestead patent, sales patent, miscellaneous sales patent, etc.,
  • Agricultural, miscellaneous, and foreshore leases,
  • Land claims and conflicts


  • Acquisition of mining rights through exploration permit (EP), mineral production sharing agreement (MPSA), operating agreement, deed of assignment, etc.,
  • Quarry, sand and gravel or guano permits,
  • Financial technical assistance agreements (FTAA),
  • Mineral processing permits,
  • Cases or disputes before the Panel of Arbitrators/ Mines Adjudication Board (MAB).


  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)/ environmental compliance certificate (ECC), Environmental monitoring and audit,
  • Cases or disputes before the Pollution Adjudication Board (PAB),
  • Cases or matters before the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA),
  • Water permit applications (WPA) with the National Water Resources Board (NWRB), etc

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